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Centrifugal Pump- API610 

For hydrocarbons, chemical solutions, water, sea water and other applications.
The pumps meet the stringent specifications of API Standard 610.​

Capacity up to 2,000 m³/h (8,806 U.S. gpm).
Head up to 4,572 m (15,000 ft).
Discharge flange size 2' to 12'.
Maximum Pressure 420 bar (6,000 psig).
Temperature 450 ºC (850 ºF).


Rotary Jet Pump

Product range:

Performance capabilities:

Flow range:0.5~60 m³/h

Lift range:20~1000 m

Speed range:1500~5000 r/min

Medium temperature:≤200℃

Can be used in Refinery, ethylene, coal gasification, coal liquefaction (coal-to-liquid), synthetic ammonia, urea, nitric acid, methanol, coking and many other chemical plants.

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 Progressive Cavity Pump

Product range:

Volume between 0.02m3/h to 350m3/h, maximum pressure up to 4.8MPa,Special designs up to 6.0MPa。

  • Waste water applications with a solid content up to 45%;

  • Viscosities up to 100,000 mPaS;

  • Conveying an mixtures of solids- liquids and gases.

  • Volumetric efficiency up to 96%, mechanical efficiency up to 70~80%

  • No Pulsation, Dosing applications are possible and widely used

  • Suction height up to 8 meters;

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