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03 3MCL1506 Propylene compressor.jpg

Medium Pressure

Centrifugal Compressor

Multi-stage (2-10)

Flow range: 3,000 ~500,000m3/hr

Pressure:  uptown 35 bar (g)

Can be mainly used for various medium and low pressure industrial plants in Oil & Gas, Metallurgical, Chemical Plant.


Multi Stage
High Pressure Centrifugal Compressor

Multi-stage (2-10)

Flow:  3,000 m3/hr- 150000 m3/hr

Pressure: 30bar - 600bar(g) 

Can be used for Oil & Gas, petrochemical plant etc, where high pressure compression required. 


 Axial Compressor 

  •  Pressure up to 0.85MPa

  • Maximum air flow  more than 10000Nm3/min.

  •  Application: petroleum catalytic cracking unit, PDH unit, fermentation unit, air separation unit and blast furnace above 380- 5500 cubic meter. 

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