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ADX Machinery LLC 

ADX Machinery is a professional company focused on providing services  for rotating equipment like centrifugal compressor, blower, pump and related auxiliaries etc.,  Our team members who are working in this industry are having 20+ years of experience in this field. 

      We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina which is a well connected industrial hub in USA.

     Our Products & Services

  • Fan, blower, compressor, and pump for the Metallurgical, Power, Cement and Oil& Gas industry.

  • High-performance metals used for high temperature, serious corrosion environment such as aviation, offshore, subsea, oil and gas, and chemical sector.

  • Integrated Hydraulic Trip Block for Steam Turbine ESV  & Control Valve Control.

  • Thermostatic control valves for compressor, Engine, Boiler, Wind power and other heat exchanger system. 

  • Customized automation equipment for automobile parts manufacturing companies.


   We are always willing to listen to your voice and care about your requirements.

    Thank you for visiting us and wish you a good success.

Our Main Business Partner

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